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Welcome To Perle Ville College


Perleville follows the British national curriculum and emphasis is placed on sound academic foundation, social emotional development, moral and spiritual indoctrination and artistic expression. We teach our students to be themselves thereby nurturing the potentials within them. Our school is a learning community with an enabling environment where teachers, students and their respective families interact continually. To this end, parents have uninterrupted access to the teachers and management team of the school. Our parents are invited to school regularly and we encourage them to participate actively in all school programs.
Perleville College is an inclusive school where each student is enabled to express himself/herself and students, staff and parents know each other well.

Vision | Mission | Core Values


We dedicate our time to help our students to

  • Maximize their academic strenght
  • Develop strong emotional intelligence
  • Be morally sound and eschew decadence
  • And be to be socially adept

in order to become global citizen.


Our Mission is to ensure that every student attains a level of excellence

  • Morally
  • Spiritually
  • And Academically
  • Integrity: Our students are groomed to adhere to a code of moral incorruptibility, probity and uprightness.“Integrity is the seed for achievement. It is the principle that never fails – Earl Nightingale.”
  • Service : We believe that service to both the school and local community teaches students to recognize their value as a citizen.“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela.””
  • Responsibility : We work purposefully and with sustained effort to achieve Perleville’s college long term impact of solving problems from outside of the classroom so that all students can succeed inside the classroom.“The price of greatness is responsibility – Winston Churchill”
  • Hope : Our staffs possess the sense of hope that our students can be better. It is our major responsibility as a school to stick with the responsibility of students progressing in their academics and in their lives as well.“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning – Brad Henry.”
  • Teamwork : The spirit of healthy competition and cooperation is important which results in the ability to work together toward a common vision. It is the fuel that allows for uncommon creative ideas which results to uncommon results.“The best teamwork comes from men are working independently towards one goal in unison – James Cash Penny”
  • Honour : Our students are expressively trained to be upright in character and enlightened in the importance of favorable reputation.“Honor is simply the morality of superior men – H.L. Mencken”
  • Honour : Our students are trained for mental toughness and courage to face life challenges be it career, academics or relationship.“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they give up – Thomas Edison”

Picture Gallery


  • Digital Media Device in each classes
  • cctv security
  • Standard ICT Centre
  • Sport Complex/Play Ground
  • Good & Standard Library
  • School Bus Service
  • Lunch Programme

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  • French or foreign languages
  • Inter-House Sports
  • Special Music Class
  • Quiz/Debate/Spelling Bee
  • Colour Day
  • Costume Day
  • Dance + View More
  • Prize/Award giving day
  • Etiquette (Teaching)
  • Voice training
  • Local excursions/field trips
  • Foreign field trips
  • Foreign Class Party

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  • Music and Drama
  • Mathematics

  • Junior Secodary School
  • Senior Secondary School
  • Preparatory Class for JSCCE Exam
  • Preparatory Class for SSCE Exam
  • Preparatory Class for NECO and WAEC Exams
  • After School Lessons
  • House 29, Estates Avenue, Makogi, Obafemi Owode local government Area of Magboro, Ogun state.

    Our Services

    Development of a well rounded secondary school pupil with flair for Maths & science is a Perle Ville College ideal child. We provide that teaching edge over many of our contemporaries. Our students tick academically

    Effective impartation of core knowledge is taught with passion. Diction and Elocution, musical instruments are complimentary & compulsory

    Full compliment of care and grooming of your children. Certified and Well trained care givers are available for child specific requirements. Our atmosphere is right, cosy, serene and secure.


    Apply for Admission

    At Perle Ville College, we are a family of learners inspiring excellence, building character dedicated to excellence since 29th March 2018. Our focus is on building quality always as we inspire children for exciting futures. Your dreams are tied with a key, our school unlocks it, Quality Education – A Community Commitment for every child’s bright future. We teach, you learn, explore and the entire world benefit


    Kindly send your request to info@perlevillecollege.com
    At Perleville, we follow the British national curriculum and emphasis is placed on sound academic foundation, we hope you will visit so we can show you around, you'll definitely love it.
    Yes, we accept new students, you ward is tested and placed in a class according to performance.
    House 29, Estates Avenue, Makogi, Obafemi Owode local government Area of Magboro, Ogun state.
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    House 29, Estates Avenue, Makogi, Obafemi Owode local government Area of Magboro, Ogun state.